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Do you or someone you know in the Menifee area have a car sitting around that they don’t know what to do with? Maybe they were gifted the vehicle or it came with the property they had just purchased and there is no desire to keep it. Great news! The team at Cash for Cars in Menifee can help! We buy used cars in Menifee in any condition – from up and running to broken down and totaled.


Here at Cash for Cars, you will find a team whose drive is buying and selling cars. What started as a side hobby became a full-time passion for us, and who better to benefit from that passion than our clients? Our desire is to help our clients get rid of vehicles they no longer want or need, in as convenient a way as possible.We understand that our customers practically live their lives in their cars and the decision to sell can be a tough one. Perhaps it was once the dream car that no longer fits the entire family. Maybe it was purchased with the idea of restoring with a family member, but never got around to starting the project. What ever the case or the emotional ties to the cars, Cash for Cars is wanting to help.


Life is moving at the speed of light and our customers have no time to waste trying to find buyers for cars that are no longer wanted. We buy YOUR car on YOUR schedule. All it takes is a five minute phone call or a quick visit to the website. Here is how it works:

1. Visit our website
2. Answer a few questions regarding contact info
3. Answer a few more questions about the car
4. Get your offer

That’s it! No fuss!

Once you accept the quote, one of our representatives will schedule a time and place to meet with you and give the vehicle a once-over (to verify the quote is still applicable), give you cash on the spot, and remove the vehicle. Keeping in mind the busy lives of our customers, the entire transaction can often be completed the same day.


Cash for Cars in Menifee will buy your running cars and your non-running cars, cars in good condition and cars that have been damaged. We buy your sport utility vehicles, vans, trucks and that old limousine you might have sitting in the back yard. We even buy cars that do not pass emissions tests, those that make more noise that your favorite heavy metal band, and those that have been totaled to pancake-flat status. And that custom car your great-uncle Jimmy left you that isn’t quite your taste (maybe you didn’t know that shade of yellow existed)? We will buy that one too. We buy any car in any condition, as-is, lightening up your load and doing our part to keep your day stress-free.


We cut out the hassle of answering inquiries, people wanting something for nothing, and the run-around other cars for cash companies may give you. Our desire to give you cash for junk cars in Menifee also means that you don’t have to manage the junk car removal or coordinate with the junk yards in Menifee.


These days, so many people in the market for new-to-them cars, but may be looking for financing. This can keep them at the dealerships, leaving your vehicle sitting at the end of the driveway for months, becoming an eyesore as the grass grows tall underneath it. Cash for Cars in Menifee will take that car, give you cash, and give you the chance to mow that lawn!

People also rely so much on Facebook Marketplace, that if our future clients are not tech savvy, they are left behind in the selling field. Cash for Cars relieves that worry and stress and allows you to get on with your life. Maybe Cash for Cars will free up enough time to sign up for an Underwater Basket Weaving course at the local college!

Cash for Cars in Menifee also gives you peace of mind. No unsolicited visitors and no worries that a check will bounce, leaving you unable to contact the buyer. We are a legitimate business with the legitimate desire to treat our clients with respect and fairness. We operate according to all government laws and regulations.

We want to help you get rid of unwanted cars and we want it to be quick, convenient process.

If you have a vehicle you would like to part with, call Cash for Cars in Menifee or visit the website to get your offer now. We would be happy to help you find another home for your car!


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