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Cash For Cars makes selling your car effortless with immediate cash. Being in the seasoned experts in this field, we have the ability and knowledge to provide the best solution for you versus classified sites because we are personally invested in selling your car. Our specialists will tie all the loose ends up for you at dizzying paste and offer a viable solution to your current junk car problems.

What We Buy:

  • We buy cars in as-in condition
  • We buy nice cars
  • We buy damaged cars
  • We buy non-running cars and junk cars
  • We buy cars that don’t pass emissions tests
  • We buy cars with a salvaged title
  • We buy cars in Escondido!

Fast, Reliable Service:

Cash For Cars in Escondido offers convenient service by coming to your location and presenting you with cash. Junk car removal is scheduled same day. Using our service in Escondido is simple and non-invasive. Call us, get the offer over the phone. We then come to you with the agreed amount and remove the car. Simple, no-nonsense, cash for junk cars in Escondido.

Customer Service Skills-Legendary:

Cash For Cars in Escondido promotes customer relationships and trust by helping people get rid of their useless cars with excellent offers that put dollars back into the Escondido community. We covet the junk yard in Escondido, serving our patrons. We take the guesswork out of selling your car and save you countless hours that you cannot get back by handling all of the work for you.

Confidence in Selling:

Selling or trading your car can be a stressful experience. Placing the advertisement costs money. Handing the phone calls and scheduling appointments answering questions as your car is circled and judged by a potential buyer costs time. Haggling price and value with a stranger costs sanity. Save yourself the trouble with our service and skip right to the end where you have cash in your pocket and the confidence that you received the correct value for your car. Save yourself the time, stress, and by all means, keep your sanity intact.

Benefits of Getting Cash for Your Junk Car:

The first benefit is quite obvious - you are turning a liability into a cash asset. Having an eyesore sitting on the curb fosters hostility with neighbors, Homeowner Associations, decreasing the value of your home and you are not receiving any type of benefit. Letting go of your car puts cash into your pocket, raises aesthetics in your neighborhood, and elevates property value as well as rekindles neighbor relationships.

Is Your Car Costing You More Than It’s Worth?:

Is your car a mechanical nightmare? Or, is it failing emission tests and your mechanical savvy does not improve the situation? Or, is it a fantastic adventure getting from point A to point B, whispering curses under your breath at every stop sign around Escondido? Cash For Cars in Escondido can help you with the cash you need to walk into your local dealership and purchase a quality vehicle. Don’t spend thousands of dollars, embrace this opportunity to purchase a reliable car that you are not ashamed to take to the car wash every weekend.


Cash For Cars in Escondido has served the community with integrity, compassion, and performance for several years. Our track record speaks for itself. We have assisted hundreds of individuals in freeing up their time and have output considerable cash flow back into the Escondido economy. Our experts continue to excel in service, knowledge, and industry prowess that you will not find anywhere else. We are invested in creating a one-of-a-kind, seamless experience when selling your car.

What Are You Waiting For?:

Now is the time to cease the day and capitalize on the opportunity to turn that junk car into something that increases your quality of life. It’s as simple as that. Stop reading and start dialing. Our friendly experts have veteran knowledge in freeing you from the chains of an unhappy owner/car relationship and can set you on the path to something you really want and can take pride in. Let us do all of the heavy lifting for you, we have the experience and knowledge.

Our 3-Step Process:

1 Call Us or Fill Out Our Contact Form . We will gather some information on your car and what we can do to help you.

2 Offer Made. We will make you an offer over the phone based on the information collected.

3 Problem Solved . We come to your location in Escondido with the agreed-upon amount and schedule the removal or remove the vehicle from the location. Your work is done. You can now sit back and relax, one less problem to solve. You won’t miss those letters from the Homeowner’s Association.

It is that simple! What are you waiting for? Call today and get an offer you can’t refuse.


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